Calendar sync added

Meet the new version of Task Office for macOS X and iOS. This is the update you’ve been waiting for because Syncing with all calendars is added!

Version 3.0 include:

• Syncing with all types of calendars: the two-way syncing works with Apple iCal (iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook and others). Once you've set up your connection, everything updates automatically.

• Invitation tasks: now our app shows tasks planned by other people. In this version Invitations are read only tasks. We plan to extend this function in the future.

• New tasks view in calendar tab: all tasks are marked up with calendar color;

• No more restrictions on time scheduling: tasks can be planned simultaneously, for the same period of time.

• Updated locations view: now all locations are shown in Apple Maps.

• Integration with Notification Center: added the possibility to open task info directly from Notification Center.