You can add new tasks or edit time and duration of any planned task directly on Calendar view either in Home or in Calendar tab.


Use one of the following methods to add a new task: 

▸ Select area on empty space of Calendar. In this case you select both Start and End date. 

▸ Double click on empty space of Calendar. 

▸ Right mouse button click on empty space of Calendar.


After that the system will open New task window and you will be able to continue creating task. To edit task Start and End date or reschedule tasks in days click the task segment and Edit mode is activated.

The task will become highlighted. Pull up edge of the task to change task start date and pull bottom edge of the task to change task end date and duration.

If you want to reschedule task simply Drag and Drop task to schedule task on another day or time of the day.

Edit task mode

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