Filter and group contacts

Filter contacts: save private list of filtered contacts

In Contacts tab you can filter your contacts list. This gives you an option to concentrate only on those people you are interested to view at the moment and view contacts listed by chosen criteria.

To get filtered your contacts list click       Filter button and filter options will be opened:

Choose characteristics of Contacts you want to filter: 

▸ whether these contacts have assigned tasks or not – All, Active, Inactive; 

▸ what Companies they belong to; 

▸ what Categories they are assigned to. 


After filtering and clicking Save button you will be able to create Private List.

Private List is the list of contacts filtered by activity, companies or categories. For example, if you created the private list with Active option, this means that saved list includes all contacts, that have assigned tasks.
Private Lists are auto-updated so you always have the latest information. If you assign some task to some contact, this contact will be added to previously saved Private list.

Create Contacts group

In Contacts tab you can get together different contacts into one group.

To create a group of chosen contacts, click       Group button and Add contacts group window will be opened:

Here you choose and mark contacts. After clicking button the new contacts group will be added and you will be able to change its title.

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