Syncing with Calendars accounts

A real-time, two-way integration allows you to sync Task Office with the other calendars on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. To sync the calendars across your devices, make sure you're signed into the iCloud with the same Apple ID on all devices you use.

Task Office syncs with all calendars, that are added to your device accounts. So in order to sync Calendars with Task Office app, you need to set up appropriate accounts in device settings. Go to System Preferences ▸ Internet accounts ▸ set up an account.

To sync any calendar, it should have an access to Calendars app:

After setting up accounts they become available for Calendars syncing. All accounts, that are shown in device calendar will be available in Task Office app.

In Calendar menu you can select calendars to be shown in the app. When launching app for the first time the default calendar is "None". You can choose a default calendar, that will be assigned to each of task you create. To set default category, right mouse button click calendar title and choose Set Default option.

Once you authorize the integration, tasks with date and/or time in Task Office will automatically be added to another calendar of your choosing. Likewise, any tasks created in that calendar will automatically be added to Task Office app. Any changes you make in calendars – like editing title or changing the date and etc. – will instantly be reflected back in Task Office app, and vice versa. All tasks in Task Office app are displayed in the color of the calendar in which they were created.

To change task and calendar color, go to device Calendar app and set the color.

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